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3 Facts About London’s Waste Removal

3 Facts About London’s Waste Removal 6 Dec

The city of London is well known for creating a lot of garbage waste every day. Nowadays the city is experiencing problems due to the huge amounts of garbage stored around the streets.  Luckily, after research, people have found solutions for dealing with this problematic aspect of everyday life and have created a plan that should help manage the waste issue in a few years.

This is just a small part of a shocking fact series that the habitants of the capital are not aware of. 

Here’s a list of interesting topic-related facts that you should know:

1. Waste Removal In London Grows Up by a Million Tons Each Year

A big shock is that the people of  London are only growing their product consumption and due to that fact, they create more and more waste on a yearly basis. As the UK government has stated, it is required for the local authorities to collect around a million tons of waste every year in order to maintain the current rate balanced. This is equivalent to half a million more garbage trucks for the city which is already running to its limits.

2. An Average Household in London Produces Almost a Ton of Waste Each Year

Another surprising fact is that the average household in London yearly produces almost a ton of waste! And basically, if nobody came to take away your rubbish for around a year you will have an enormous garbage pile in front of your home that weighs as much as an automobile.

3. The Biggest Sewage Blockage in London Equaled to 17 Elephants

Can you imagine if you take 17 elephants, stack them and flush them down to the toilet? Impossible, right. As it seems, well,  it is pretty much possible. The most problematic sewage blockage ever is recorded in London. That exact blockage was calculated to equal to the weigh of 17 full-grown elephants. The most concerning thing was that is comprised mostly of things that you shouldn’t flush down the toilet in the first place. This tells us of the seriousness of the problem with waste removal. 

Written by: Alice Copper