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4 Tips with Rubbish Experts on how to be more economical in the kitchen

4 Tips with Rubbish Experts on how to be more economical in the kitchen 22 Jun

Many people have asked me what they can do to reduce their household waste. Today I decided to share these useful tips with you.

– Do not buy single-use products! Once you get used to living without those, you will see how easy it is. And this way you will not only be economical, but you will also decrease the production of household waste.

– Eat or use (and don’t throw) all of your leftovers – you can reinvent your leftovers in new dishes or you can give them as goodies to your pets. Some very good meals I’ve cooked were made from leftovers.

– Use stainless steel bottles – they are great for travelling and this way you will avoid the plastic bottles which are hard for recycling. As a matter of fact they almost never get recycled.

– Store your food in glass canning jars – like I previously explained this will not only make you eco-friendly but will also lower the production of household waste.

These are only 4 ways how you can be more economical and eco-friendly, there are a lot more out there and if you are just getting started, remember – first you need to change your mindset! Next you will have to improve your habits and start with your new eco-friendly lifestyle.

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