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Advice for eco-minded parents from rubbish experts – The best rubbish removal company in London

Advice for eco-minded parents from rubbish experts – The  best rubbish removal company in London 25 Jun

Our planet is not as healthy as it used to be. We are the ones who have to take care of our living spaces. As a rubbish removal company in London we would like to advise you on how to be slightly more beneficial for the environment. In this article I would like to turn your attention to something very important – our children and the toys they  play with. Children are our future and it is very important for them to play in an eco-friendly and safe environment.

Let’s talk about the materials that are used for the production of toys. Many parents are trying to live an eco-friendly life so they can grow healthy kids, however in 2019 leaving a healthy life is not that easy. It’s the 21 century now where technology is taking over the world. It is getting harder and harder to design a toy that will catch the attention of our children. So while making an eco-friendly toy always try to add some more creativity and effort in designing it. In my opinion companies should stop producing toys using metal, glue or chemical paint. The Danish toy production company, “Lego” recently announced that they are aiming to replace and produce all its bricks with eco-friendly materials by 2030.

Things to consider while buying an eco-friendly toys:

When you are looking to buy an eco-friendly toy for your kid, you should consider a couple of things. First things first:  quality over quantity. I know, kids can be overwhelming when it comes to toys, however a research on child psychology suggests that having less toys can increase a child’s understanding of sharing and can encourage more imaginative play and creativity. It’s recommended to choose toys made of natural materials, such as wood, natural fibre and cotton. Aim to buy toys packaged  in fabric or cardboard, rather than plastic. This usually is a sign that the company is environmentally moral.

You can also consider making toys with your child which can be really joyful and will give you some bonding time. Look for items that can be re-crafted into toys. This way you can recycle and be a good example to your kids or even family and friends. You can find many DIY toy ideas online. For example the website “Pinterest” can be really helpful. Many DIY’s I have tried myself are from there. Among my favourites is the DIY sock toy. It’s easy, quick and fun to do and you don’t need to buy anything.  The only things you need are a piece of thread, a needle, a small amount of cotton and of course a sock.

Shops for eco-friendly toys:

Down below you can find some suggestions from our rubbish removal company – Rubbish Experts:

Green toys believe that a green and economical business is a way of life and their toys are both green and high quality. Follow this link to their website:

Another company we can recommend is Eco-Tots. They specialize in toys made of natural materials. My personal opinion is that their toys end up to be very beautiful and playful. Click on the link below to visit their web-page:

Toys to You is another example of the ethical toy producers in the UK who specialize in making toys from wood. You can check their beautifully crafted toys here:

I hope that this article was helpful for all the eco-oriented  parents out there. Every little thing that you do, even if you might find it insignificant, does make a greater difference when more people get involved. There is a saying “If you want to change the world, start from yourself”. So why not start from the toys our children play with? The more eco-minded the parents, the more eco-minded the children. Logically, this will lead to a more eco-minded society as a whole. Wouldn’t you wish for your child to grow up in a more ecologically friendly world?

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Written by:Diana Beze