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DIY Amazing Gardening Hacks!

DIY Amazing Gardening Hacks! 17 Jan

Most of us have gardens, and enjoy spending as much time in the open as possible. With these genius and yet simple to do ideas, you can transform your garden in a brilliant way, and will make you spend there even more time than usual. All you would need is a few stones, glass pieces, some glue or cement and a creative vision of what you would like to achieve at the end. Some of the pictures below would require a bit more knowledge and skills, but there are other so simple, you would want to get your kids right on in the project.

Check these images below:


water fountaingarden pathpenny-decorated-globegarden mozaicgarden tilessnail stone pots

For the water fountain, you will need a pump, a drill to make the holes in the river stones, and the know how to connect all the parts in order to have the water run through the pipes. The penny ball however is easy, you will need an old bawling ball, some super glue and pennies to cover it, and the pathway – just line up the stones you have left over from the builders.

The mosaic and step stones would need patience, so grab a lot of that and start visualizing how you would like your garden center piece look, get all the necessary materials and start your project. Let me just say that the stepping stones are so amazing at the end, it is unbelievable. And I do not need to mention that all your friends would ask you for advises once they see them. All you need for them is a few glass stones, some small river stones, a little net to hold them together, a shallow silicone  pot and cement. Line the stones as per your like, make sure you keep in mind that you would want to keep the face of the stone facing the bottom of the silicone pot as that would be then the face of the step stone. Add a bit of cement, place the net, then add more cement. Once completely dry – you have your first step stone. It will take a while to make a whole bunch of them, but it’s worth the play!