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Easy and proper ways for mattress disposal.

Easy and proper ways for mattress disposal. 11 Jul

In any state or government, waste management is one of the toughest problems to address. 

Not many people know how to dispose responsibly of their old mattresses in a way safe for the environment. In this article the London’s cheapest rubbish removal company – Rubbish Experts will give you tips on how to correctly and easily get rid of your old mattress.

Maybe your old mattress is not that  comfortable as it was when you first bought it? You want to buy a new one and wonder how to dispose of your old one? Here are some easy steps that you can follow during the process:


Make sure you contact a company that is environmentally responsible. If you don’t know where to recycle your mattress the rubbish removal company – Rubbish Experts will take care of it for you properly. We recycle all the mattresses by stripping them down and recycle the metal separately from other materials like fabric, wood and foam rubber for example. Place a call to our customer care center and we will come and dispose of your mattress. We will recycle it for you. Recycling in general has some benefits such as:

  • Reduces waste load in landfills
  • Keeps the environment clean
  • Serves as a good measure of reducing waste in the environment.
  • Great reduction of gases emitted
  • Slashes the amount of natural resources used 

Also if you contact our cheap rubbish removal company – Rubbish Experts. Our team can recycle your old mattress into the following forms:

  • Cotton flock and wool – can be processed into recycled textiles
  • Wood – may be chipped and used as mulch or burned as fuel.
  • Lower-grade fabrics – processed and sold for vehicle matting and interiors.


If your mattress can be used again, simply donate it to someone in need. If you don’t know anyone who will take it go online and search for a donation center or foundation that helps people in matters like this one. The average lifespan of a single mattress is between seven to eight years. That means that you can still donate your old mattress to a charity for example.

For a clean environment we need to be very sensitive about the waste management in our city – London. In London and in all other different parts of the world, only biodegradable waste is allowed to be disposed of.

A mattress is non-biodegradable which means that it would probably take 1 thousand years to decay. If we say that a city  has to dispose 200 mattresses per day, it would be a huge burden for the environment. 

Our cheap rubbish removal company in London – Rubbish Experts is here for you with the best team of waste management experts. Now that you are fully aware of what an old mattress can become, just let yourself in the hands of professionals like Rubbish Experts and let us deal with mattress disposals.

Written by: Diana Beze