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Household and commercial waste collection

Household and commercial waste collection 30 Nov

Running a business can be messy. You may have been surprised to learn that waste produced by your business cannot be dealt with in the same way that your household waste is.

Household and commercial waste are dealt with in a different way.

Household waste

Waste such as cans, clothing, disposables, food packaging,  newspapers, and magazines is called household rubbish.

Dealing with your household waste is simple. Local councils collect your waste under the legal duty “Environmental Protection Act 1990”, the cost is incorporated into your yearly council tax charges. 

Or you can hire a company and get a household waste collection

Commercial waste

Business or commercial waste is any waste produced from a commercial operation including waste from packaging, documents, works or repairs, alterations, construction, or demolition.

Dealing with commercial waste is harder to manage. It is law in the UK for business owners to take responsibility and make sure that the commercial waste collection is done effectively.

If you decide to get a commercial waste collection, when you begin your new contract with a waste provider make sure that you choose the right collection schedule ( twice or even three collections a week if you are generating a lot of waste).

Business is also required by law to enter into a contract with a licensed company. These requirements also matter for businesses that are operated from home. There are many examples of home/business owners being fined for accidentally disposing of their commercial in the wrong bin.

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Written by:Diana Beze