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Inventors developed an Artificial Intelligence that makes rubbish recycling more circular

Inventors developed an Artificial Intelligence that makes rubbish recycling more circular 29 Jun

Technology has developed impressively quickly over the past 100 years. For many of us it is hard to keep up with the achievements of the industrial science which is improving each day by building new high-tech machines. Smart robots are getting into recycling production facilities in Europe, Colorado and Japan. Our company Rubbish Experts is fascinated by the newest invention that makes rubbish recycling more circular and we would like to unfold the topic for you.  

Let’s start by explaining what Artificial Intelligence means.

This is a machine driven by simulations of human intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is known as either weak or strong. Weak AI is designed and trained for particular tasks. An example for it is the virtual personal assistant – Apple’s Siri. Strong AI is a system with certain human mental abilities, so when presented with an unfamiliar task the system is able to find a solution by itself. There are 4 types of Artificial Intelligence: 

  • Reactive Machines: This is the most basic type of AI. For example the Deep Blue supercomputer created by IBM in the mid-1980s designed for chess-playing. The chess board can make predictions and analyzes possible moves and makes the most strategic move.
  • Limited Memory: These AI systems form future decisions. Self-driving cars are designed this way – they depend on pre-programed knowledge.
  • Theory of Mind: This theory is basically a future class technology that will have the ability to simulate an equal to the human mind or at least – to a certain extent. These human-like robots will be a step toward the complete Theory of Mind Al systems which is expected to start materializing  in the near future.
  • Self-Awareness: In this category, the AI systems are supposed to have a sense of self-awareness and even consciousness! Machines with self-awareness will understand their current state and will be able to use the information to infer what others are feeling. This type of AI does not exist yet.

Combining artificial intelligence and circular economy can lead to a scientific shift towards a regenerative system fit for the future. The robotic innovation is such a solution for rubbish recycling. One of the most serious issues our planet is facing is the enormous amounts of rubbish generated by the human population, especially plastic production. A research done is 2018 led to a conclusion that 428 million tons of plastic have been produced. We are all aware that most of the rubbish ends up in the ocean and ruins the natural habitat of the species living there. If we sit back and do nothing this will cause enormous ecological disaster in the history of the planet. 

First of all we need to be more conscious about our recycling habits. We are lucky to have scientists who have developed technology using robotics to invent solutions for the recycling challenges we face on a daily basis. This makes recycling more efficient and keeps the rubbish away from the environment and puts it back in circulation. You may be wondering how exactly this invention will make rubbish recycling easier in our daily lives – Simply by having machines doing it instead of humans. A robot programmed to sort out objects recognizes the ones that can be recycled – plastic bottles, cardboard and metal containers. After the identification of the objects the robot picks up the rubbish by using a suction cup and places it into the correct bin. Compared to human workers this machine is way more efficient by simply performing more pick-ups in a minute. By applying this new technology the productivity in rubbish recycling will improve and the operational costs will be significantly reduced.

Thanks to the technological revolution, rubbish recycling has definitely become easier. We hope that this new invention will inspire everyone to be more thoughtful and considerate about the consequences of the world’s pollution. Everything that can make our Earth a better place to live in should be supported. Our rubbish removal company “Rubbish Experts” is constantly aiming to be an example in this and to encourage recycling. Just because we care!

Written by:Diana Beze