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Ready for the BBQ season? 3 ingredients for a sparkling clean BBQ.

Ready for the BBQ season? 3 ingredients for a sparkling clean BBQ. 24 Jun

Summer is already here, the weather is getting hotter and the beers – colder. Before you fire up your grill and invite your neighbors for a BBQ party you need to get some things sorted – e.g. write down your shopping list, organize your garden clearance, check the weather and make sure that you’re prepared for any weather condition, as we all know that British summer is infamous for being unpredictable. And last but not least – get your BBQ cleaned! You can find 5 tips below, that will make your job easier:

Did  you know that if you attach an onion to a fork and rub over the hot bars the water in the onion will clean them and will remove stuck-on food?

Another shocking fact! Yes you can clean your BBQ simply by giving it a coffee bath, since coffee is acidic which makes it a great solution for grease. Just soak your grill and utensils in boiled coffee, let it sit for an hour and then give it a good scrub.

Our good old friend – the beer, can you imagine living your life without it? So after the party is over and everybody is gone you have to start with the after-party garden clearance which certainly includes again – the grill. And while you are holding your beer and looking at the mess I hope you will remember what you read online here. Beer is great for cleaning a BBQ because of the carbonation, so simply poor half  a bottle of beer onto the warm BBQ and scrub with newspaper or a wire brush.
Prepare your guest list and start the BBQ season! And if you are worried about your garden clearance, just call Rubbish Experts and they will help you dispose of your garden waste in no time.