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Starving polar bear at Siberian rubbish dump

Starving polar bear at Siberian rubbish dump 22 Jun

According to the local environmentalists in Siberia, the first polar bear has been seen in the city in more than 40 years.

The human generation generates enormous amounts of rubbish, which brings a huge problem. Pollution of the environment and  ruining the natural habitat of mammals, fishes and etc. All of this happens because of the low rates of recycling which leads to oil extraction for production of more plastic and other unnecessary products  hard for recycling. This Polar Bear was noticed in a dump in Siberia, this is something that has not happened in 40 years, and it is happening now due to the distraction of the nature. The polar bears native range lies largely within the Arctic Circle not the Siberian rubbish dump, however because of the ozone hole the ice are melting quicker than ever and this lovely creatures are forced to search condition for life in unnatural for them places.The ozone hole is production of our generations neglect to recycling due to we ruin our home, our PLANET. How can we change that? Easy, we can start from recycling the rubbish in our homes so it can be ready for disposal in the proper way in the rubbish dumps.How can we manage that? Here are 5 tips for better rubbish recycling.

1.Use paper bags rather than plastic!

Like we already know plastic is hard for recycling, by using paper bags you can lower the pollution.


Separating plastics, metals, glass. This way you can recycle the rubbish in the proper way.

3.Use recyclable paper and print on both sides!

If you recycle one ton of paper this means that you are saving 18 tress and almost 8,ooo gallons of water. Sounds pretty good right!

4.Visit your local recycling center more often!

When you are going out, just stop by your local recycling center and drop off everything that the council didn’t take.

5.Cook with your leftovers!

Make a leftover dinner night every Sunday, this way you will be more economical, and trust me the best dishes are made from leftovers.

Now you have the guides to recycle in the proper way, and to be one step closer to being a part of the let’s save our Planet environment. Because Rubbish Experts is based in London we invite all Londoners to start recycling in their homes and to use rubbish dump station. Earth is our home we have to take care of it like it is taking care of us!