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Tips from Rubbish Experts on how to clean after your pets

Tips from Rubbish Experts on how to clean after your pets 4 Jul

Even the cutest of pooches and kittens leave quite a lot of hair, especially on carpets and furniture. After you read this article you will find out a few useful ways to deal with the pet hair from your home and your laundry. Our rubbish removal company based in London will help you out.

FIRST UP: FLOORS!If you have a pet you need to make peace with the pet hair and accept how much vacuuming and cleaning there will be for you to do. One possible solution is to switch to an electrostatic dust mop for pet hair on hard floors instead of a vacuum. The hoover can miss hair flying around which will land back on the surfaces. If you have carpets, simply spread some baking soda onto them before vacuuming, you will be surprised how big of a difference this will make. And if you have the budget just get a robot vacuum cleaner, this machine never complains, it just vacuums.

NEXT UP: FURNITURE!To deal with the settling of hair on non upholstered furniture like wood, laminate or glass you can consider using a very lightly damp microfiber cloth. The electrostatic charge attracts the hair and the water helps make it slightly sticky.  Also a damp clean sponge or a damp robber glove will do the trick. I personally prefer this way rather than rollers because it is much cheaper and less wasteful. We as a rubbish removal company based in London know pretty well how important it is to be economical. 

LAUNDRY TIME!Last but not least is probably the worst moment with pet hair – the laundry. Despite washing our clothes, many of us can still see pet hair on our freshly laundered clothes. What we recommend is to pre-treat the laundry before you wash it by placing it into the dryer for 10 min on a heat free tumble dry program. This will help loosen the hair and will soften the fabric which results in getting rid of the hair before you start washing.

I hope you found these few tips from our rubbish removal company Rubbish Experts helpful and that they’ll make your everyday life much easier now!