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Tips on how to have a cheap clearance

Tips on how to have a cheap clearance 4 Dec

We are going to give you 3 simple tips on how to have a better and cheaper clearance experience. First of all, every single company which is offering services similar to any kind of garbage collection, or any type of clearances to be exact, has a fixated price list, which can vary based on a few simple details. If you follow our tips then you can save yourself some money on cleaning and make the experience for both sides more pleasant. Those tips are based on how you leave your things before the pick – up team arrives. So, if you want to arrange your waste like that, we recommend reading the steps below. 

The first tip which we are giving away to you now is about sorting. The most vital part of saving time is sorting the waste into different piles based on the type and origin. For example, if you have some pallets and some mattresses it would be best to place each waste to its group. If you have cardboards, sort them on the side. When the team sees the already sorted waste its easier for them to have a better and faster look at what they’re dealing with. 

Moving on to the second tip on how to have a cheap clearance. This part is about collection. If you collect your waste into bags, for example, that would make the pick- up team’s job much easier. The things you want them to pick up should be sorted by type of course, like the first tip shows, because if not, then you are doubling the work for them. 

And last but not least the final, third tip is to basically just take the things outside, in front of the flat or on the front door, whatever works for you. 

If you do those things waste collection is made much easier and it guarantees that you will have a cheaper clearance. 

Our team at rubbish experts works with the same idea so feel free to give us a call and remember, if you want to save us some time and save yourself some money you can follow our easy tips on how to have a cheap clearance.

Written by: Alice Copper