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Tips with the cheap rubbish removal company in London on how to reduce plastic usage

Tips with the cheap rubbish removal company in London on how to reduce plastic usage 5 Jul

Plastic takes 450 years or even longer to decompose and in some cases it actually never decomposes.The worst part is that plastic is literally everywhere in our daily lives. Plastic pollution is one of the biggest environmental issues nowadays. It is so bad that probably in 30 years the oceans will contain more plastic than fish. In this article you can find some useful tips from the cheap rubbish removal company in London  Rubbish Experts on how to reduce the usage of this toxic material. 

Say no to plastic straws
Next time you order a drink think about whether you really need a straw or not. Straws are bad news for the ocean, each time you say no to a straw you can save a turtle. Our rubbish removal company supports the Turtlesaverstraw project and we invite you to join and support this small family with big cause. “Since 1987, the National Save the Sea Turtle Foundation has worked tirelessly to provide educational programming, promote public awareness of Florida’s marine ecosystems, and support sea turtle research both in the United States and abroad.” you here is a link to their website:

Bring your reusable bottle everywhere
There are many places where you can get water for free, so instead of buying water in plastic bottles each time you feel thirsty just bring along your reusable bottle and look for a sink with drinkable water.

 Carry your own shopping bag

You can always carry some extra bags around with you and when you do your shopping you can also do wonders for the environment. Everybody knows about right? If not –, Inc. is an American multinational technology company based in Seattle, Washington that focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming and artificial intelligence. It is considered one of the Big Four technology companies along with Google, Apple and Facebook. There you can find thousands of different options for reusable shopping bags, if you follow up the link below you can see some of the available options:

 Avoid using disposable spoons and forks
As a cheap rubbish removal company in London our job is to get rid of different types of waste we have the observation that the usage of plastic forks, knives and spoons is so huge that it definitely adds to the great plastic pollution issue. We can all take action in our daily lives to stop plastic waste at the source.

 Get your milk delivered

Nowadays citizens in London are not used to wake up early in the morning with the sound of a milk float, but there are still places in the UK  where you can get your milk delivered, simply check the link below to find the nearest milk delivery service near you :

Our company Rubbish experts invites you to make the world a better place for our future generations. As a rubbish removal company we do offer cheap rubbish removal services in London,  so if you need our help just call us on 020 36 37 38 39 and save your slot today. And if you don’t have any time for calls, simply use our online chat platform and let yourself in the hands of our friendly and experienced customer support team.

Written by: Diana Beze