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To hire a rubbish removal company or to order a skip

To hire a rubbish removal company or to order a skip 16 Jul

We all know that when you hire a skip you need to load the rubbish yourself, however when you engage a rubbish removal company a van with two men will turn up at the requested day and time and will load all your rubbish for you. 

On some occasions you have to take permission from the council to put the skip in front of your property. This can be quite an issue for people who live on the high street. Our company Rubbish Experts consists of a team of professionals that will load the garbage and dispose of it from your home or office, leaving the site clean and tidy. Our trained employees remove all types of junk such as furniture, garden refuse, builders waste, electrical appliances and much more.

We cover all areas in London, even the ones where skips can’t go. When you order a skip you have certain limitations that can cause inconvenience. Hiring a rubbish removal company is the best alternative and here are some of its benefits:

Saves you time

When you hire a skip you need to load everything yourself which means less free time for you. If you hire a company to do the job you only need to show them where the rubbish is and then sit back and relax (or do some other work) while our team completes the job for you. This is definitely the more efficient way as our professional rubbish removal company will speed up the process of junk clearance. They are always a team of two and they know what to do!

Removes all types of waste

With skip hire services there are certain restrictions on the kind of junk you can dispose of. There are exceptions for hazardous materials, electrical products, appliances, glues, varnishes, etc. However, when you hire a reliable rubbish removal company, such restrictions do not exist. Also, our company Rubbish Experts recycles 98% of the waste so if you are as eco-orientated as we are,  we are definitely the perfect option for you.

Saves you money

When hiring a skip or the local council services they can charge you for fuel or parking fees. Junk removal companies won’t add extra costs and will always provide you with a reasonable price.

No size limitations

A skip has restrictions on the amount/volume of rubbish you can fit in. You can choose a container size from 2 to 16 cubic yards. Sometimes your junk may go beyond the limit and what happens then? You have no choice but to empty it or order another one. Our rubbish removal company has no limitations on the amount of junk we have to collect. 

Remember, Rubbish Experts is here for your needs, any day and any time of the year. We work even on bank holidays. If you have loads of waste to dispose of, feel free to contact us on 020 36 37 38 39 or request a quote by email at Get in touch now and enjoy  a hassle free service from A to Z.

Written by: Diana Beze