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#Trashtag challenge cleaning up rubbish in London

#Trashtag challenge cleaning up rubbish in London 22 Jun

Finally, a meaningful challenge that makes the world a better place has gone viral and hopefully this one will make rubbish cleaning in London into a  habit.Rather than the ice bucket or the cinnamon challenge this one is encouraging people to clean up open space areas of their local communities. This movement started in 2015 by the outdoor company UCO gear however it did not gain much popularity, till 2018 when Byron Roman decides to share on Facebook “before” and “after” pictures of him doing the challenge with the caption “Here is a new #challenge for all you bored teens. Take a photo of an area that needs some cleaning or maintenance, then take a photo after you have done something about it, and post it. Here are the people doing it #BasuraChallenge #trashtag Challenge, join the cause. #BasuraChallengeAZ”, the post got 324,000 shares and 97,000 likes.

Rubbish cleaning in London is a big deal, the amount of waste generated is enormous. The council can’t take care of everything and the rubbish removal companies are not something that people often prefer because the services are paid, there are some affordable companies like Rubbish Experts for example. I’m giving this company as an example for a reason. First, as I already mentioned they are affordable, fast and efficient and the most important reason for me  is that they are Eco-friendly. So if you have rubbish to be disposed just contact them and don’t waste your time with searching online companies in London offering junk removal services.

Now let’s get back to the challenged that inspired thousands of people all around the world and I hope it  will turn rubbish cleaning in London into something natural.I invite everybody reading this article to become a part of this challenge, even if you are not a student and you work all week and you don’t have so much free time, you can simply bring everybody together rather it will be your friends, colleagues or family one weekend, find a spot that is overwhelmed in junk, clean it, take “before”and “after”pictures, share them on your social media and become a part of this life changing movement.