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UK Festivals rubbish removal problem

UK Festivals rubbish removal problem 29 Nov

People are looking forward to the festival season. Despite the great music and fun, there is an ugly truth. After every, there is tons of rubbish left.

I guess because of all the fun they are having or all the beer that is consumed they forget about the rubbish. Maybe it is expected from rubbish removal companies to take care of it. 

In the UK, 3.17 million festival-goers are producing 24,500 of waste in 2015. Only 47% of this rubbish is being recycled. This is becoming a huge problem in the 21 century. In recent years The Glastonbury Festival (one of the biggest festivals in the world), is showing us the ugly side of the carelessness of our generation. When the party is over and everybody has gone home, you can only see the mountains of plastic cups, beer cans and thousands of abandoned tents. A BBC investigation into the environmental impact of music festivals shows reducing waste is now a major challenge for festival organizers. 
The team of our eco-friendly rubbish removal company is not at all happy with this situation. We would like to give  some tips for the organizers and attendees on how to resolve the festival rubbish problem:

Be eco-friendly-Only use eco-friendly biodegradable reusable cups and plates – that way attendees will only have the option to be green and it will be better overall for the carbon footprint of the festival.

Take your belongings home-Festival operators can put an incentive in place if each camper takes their tent home – this will stop people from leaving behind tents and deckchairs and it will also make people have more consideration for their stuff if they are planning on taking it home.

Use recycling and general waste bags to each tent-Provide a recycling and general waste bag to each tent so they can sort their own waste, ask that each tent hands them in at the end or leaves them at the site so organizers can collect bagged up rubbish.

Even if you do these small changes in your life you would still lower the production of festival rubbish. Rubbish Experts advise you to be more eco-friendly. Recycle as much as you can and to produce less rubbish. Same day rubbish removal service, professional staff, friendly customer care support. You can reach us on 020 36 37 38 39 or

Written by: Diana Beze