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Ways of getting rid of your garden waste for cheap

Ways of getting rid of your garden waste for cheap 15 Jul

There are different ways to get rid of your garden waste, you just need to find out which one works for you best. Garden waste is also known as green or biological waste. It mostly consists of composed garden materials like leaves, grass clippings, industrial or domestic green waste. Most of the house owners arrange massive garden clearance when winter is coming. Much of the waste can be composted or reused in your garden. Another alternative is to consider hiring a company dealing with rubbish removal London, such as Rubbish Experts.

Hiring a skip 

If you live in London skip bins are a good option however the rubbish removal remains pretty much your business – you need to load it yourself, which can be quite a hassle. That is why it might be better to consider hiring a company offering rubbish removal London. The only thing you need to do then is to sit back and watch your garden being cleared for you.


You can reuse your garden waste by adding organic soil to food waste, the food breaks down over time and creates an incredibly nutrient-rich soil that you can use in your garden. Other waste that can be included is grass cuttings, fruit, vegetable scraps, cut flowers, tea bags, newspapers, paper bags, etc. The compost waste is ideal for your garden or lawn grass. Materials like bricks or rubble cannot be composted but you can take them to you local recycling centre. Alternatively, you can contact our professional company Rubbish Experts dealing with rubbish removal London and we will handle the job for you. Don’t forget we recycle 98% of the waste we collect.

Owning e green waste recycling bin

That’s one of the cheapest ways of getting rid of your garden waste. You can order a bin from your council and they will deliver it to you. It is cheap but it is not the best way if you have a large amount of waste as it limits the amount of waste that will fit in and you need to wait for the collection day so it can be taken away. 

The ideas above are among the most common ones for London. You might sometimes need to combine them or simply contact our rubbish removal company which is always ready to help. Give us a call on 020 36 37 38 39 and get your free quote, or if you prefer – email us on or use our online chat platform. We work even on bank holidays so we are always there for you when you need us.

Written by:Diana Beze