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What happened with the big pile of rubbish in Croydon

What happened with the big pile of rubbish in Croydon 24 Jun

The enormous pile of rubbish in Croydon attracted rats and foxes to the neighborhood. The residents describe the rubbish as “disgusting”. “The mountain of rubbish” consist of household waste, furniture, building waste, food waste, dirty diapers – all of  it dumped in big mounds. Rats and foxes have been spotted scuttling around which is quite disturbing to happen in the capital of UK – London.

The reason for this huge pile of rubbish is because the council cannot take care of all the waste that the citizens generate and people avoid using rubbish clearance services as they are paid. However, the tricky part is that in the end the money that will be paid for clearing the rubbish from the neighborhood will still need to come out of the pockets of the citizens living there and so it comes down to an endless rope. The residents claimed that the situation has become so dreadful, it started to smell extremely bad and they can no longer use their own bins to dispose of the waste.

Some of the citizens that do not want to be named said:

“I have lived here since 2005 and it’s never been this bad”

 “It’s disgusting. It’s overflowing and all over the place. We can’t even get near to the bin, it’s that bad”

“We can’t let the children play outside because of how bad it is. If I stand on my balcony, all I can see is a mountain of rubbish”

“When the football season starts the fields are packed with children from the estate opposite, so I hope it’s cleared by then”

“I don’t think that the council has done enough to clear the mess. It’s a public area and they should sort this ASAP”

The spokesman of the Croydon council said: “We have asked a crew to collect these residents’ rubbish as a priority, and we are sorry to hear our contractor did not do this as usual within a day of being reported on May 15. We have had no reports of unemptied food waste bins at this block, but have instructed our contractor to empty these also.” Another spokesman said: “The cost of clearing the fly-tip from Ashburton Park is £15,000, a cost that is borne by Croydon’s council taxpayers. The council is determined to stamp out this criminal activity and will prosecute any fly-tippers that dump their rubbish on borough roads.”

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Written by: Diana Beze