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Why should you care where your rubbish goes.

Why  should you care where   your rubbish goes. 12 Jul

Your everyday rubbish has a bigger environmental impact  from what you could imagine.

The truth is that recycling and responsible rubbish disposal are very  important for a lot of reasons. We need to minimize the waste we produce, otherwise more landfills are going to be built which will take up valuable real estate and are going to pollute the air and the water.

Most people,including myself,sometimes are lazy and just threw their rubbish in the bin and let the thrash men take it away or hire a rubbish removal company to get rid of it. By growing up I started to pay more attention to environmental issues like global warming or plastic pollution. I remember when I found out about Leonardo DiCaprio’s foundation. Maybe it was because of the actor’s impact on me and I started donating to every foundation that I thought they would use the money for our planets well being, and donated old furniture, clothing etc. 

When we recycle our rubbish we prevent it from being exported to other countries and be burnt into the atmosphere. If you are new to recycling then most probably you wonder if it’s really worth the effort. That is why I made a list of reasons why you should recycle. I hope this article changes at least one person.

Saving the nature and the wildlife

Recycling saves trees! Half the Earth’s forests are gone. Recycling also protects the wildlife habitat. Using recycled materials reduces the need to chop down more trees. As a result of the destruction of the forests, wetlands, rivers and other places essential to wildlife we destroy the natural environment to many species.

Reducing environmental damages

Rubbish that is not properly thrown away and not recycled will end up either in a landfill, incinerated or will hurt the environment in some other way. Recycling reduces the need for landfills.The more waste that gets recycled, the less damage is done to the environment. No one wants to live next door to a landfill. That is why when you are hiring a rubbish removal company make sure that they recycle the rubbish they collect. Such companies usually are cheaper than other who just throw your rubbish in a landfill.Nobody will charge you more because you want to recycle. All it will cost you is your time to sort out the rubbish into the basic categories. 

Creates job

Recycling industry creates jobs and helps our local economy. The study, “More Jobs, Less Pollution” shows that a 75% national recycling rate would create nearly 2.3 million jobs while reducing pollution by 2030.

Creates new demand

Recycling and buying recycled products creates demand for more recycled products, decreasing waste and helping our economy.

The rubbish removal company I’m working for is eco friendly and we recycle 98% of the rubbish. The health of our planet is the most important matter for us because this is our home. If we destroy it, it means that we are destroying ourselves. We all should care where our rubbish goes and we need to be a good example for the future generations. Start recycling and help to save our planet – the Earth.
Written by: Diana Beze