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Spirit of Christmas

Christmas time is so beautiful, with all the decorations that can be seen from around the world. Every country has a special way of expressing their traditions and cultures. But what seems to stand out these days is the Christmas light decorations that are more and more impressive nowadays. We all notice how people decorate their homes and bring them to life with the Spirit of Christmas and it is all so amazing.

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These lights make it all so special when you walk around that sometimes I can’t wait for the Holiday to start, just to see the new artistic side of people. The joy and happiness written on the faces of strangers and the kindness we send out even to those we do not know.

I love celebrations and Christmas is one of those spectacular times when I feel extremely happy.  The Spirit of Christmas is alive and brings the entire family together. And who can’t help the surprise on the faces of the little ones and their amazement. Our beliefs and the good in us comes out and is contagious, spreading all around not only within the family, but to neighbors and  beyond. What a good feeling….