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RubbishExperts – Rubbish Removal Prices


As we would like to be straight with our customers, there are a few items that can not be charged by weight, but by volume. Some of those include: Cardboard boxes, Plastic wrappers, Pillows. Others, however, are charged by weight like soil.

Van loaded Cubic yards Max. weight Price
Min. charge 1 100kg £40
¼ van 3 250 kg £80
½ van 6 500 kg £140
¾ van 9 750 kg £180
Full van 12 1000 kg £220
* Prices are based on Volume and Weight of the Waste!


As we would like to be straight with our customers, all of the rubbish items in this group are measured by weight. Some items like concrete, bricks, plasters, sand, etc will reach to a full load weight maximum before filling the van.

Van loaded Cubic yards Max. weight Price
Min. charge 1 100kg £50
¼ van 3 250 kg £90
½ van 6 500 kg £150
¾ van 9 750 kg £190
Full van 12 1000 kg £230
* The prices are based on the WEIGHT of the waste for collection!

NB: Generally, even though we want to help you out as much as possible, we are not allowed to remove any hazardous and environmentally-unsafe materials and substances since this is strictly regulated by law. For instance, it is forbidden to take out biological or medical waste, flammable fuels or oils, asbestos, etc.

* For early and late appointments (between 8PM and 8AM) the prices will vary depending on the volume of work and the desired time frame. Contact us for more information.

All rubbish that would require the team to sort and bag it accordingly and then dispose of it, is subject to additional costs.

For all difficult access we may charge extra, (difficult access is considered stairs, and long walks to get to the waste, and narrow spaces).

Please note that our Minimum Charge applies only for the disposal of only three items not exceeding 100kg and can be carried out by a single person!

The price given over the phone by our operators is not final, as it can never take into consideration access to the property, parking, and weight of the waste.

All properties that are in the Congestion Zone, and those with out parking will be subjected to surcharges!

  • # You get a 10% discount of the price if you request a service through our online form.
  • # Fridge/ Freezer  – £50.
  • # American fridge – £80
  • # Commercial fridge – £100.
  • # Single mattress charge – £45.
  • # Double mattress – £50.
  • # King size mattress – £60.
  • # Single tire – £15.
  • # Light tube – £5.
  • # No charge for overtime.
  • # Highly-professional labour.
  • # No additional Disposal fees.
  • # No additional Recycling fees.
  • # No additional Gas expenses.

RubbishExperts Terms and Conditions


All work carried out by RUBBISHEXPERTS is subject to the following Terms & Conditions. These conditions explain the rights, obligations, and responsibilities of all parties to this Agreement. Where We use the word ‘You’ or ‘Your’ it means the Customer: ‘We’, ‘Us’ or ‘Our’ means the Remover. Any changes to these must be authorized by RUBBISHEXPERTS in writing before the job commences. These Terms and Conditions will be implemented once you have completed our booking form, therefore agreeing to use the services of RUBBISHEXPERTS.

It is highly recommended that the customer reads and fully understands these Terms & Conditions before agreeing to use the services of RUBBISHEXPERTS. We also advise you to print a copy of these for your records, if you are unable to please contact us and we will email a copy to you.

RubbishExperts are not responsible for any personal belongings that may be misplaced in the rubbish by customers, and therefore, no compensations will be made for their disposal!

1. QUOTATION– All quotes will be agreed before the date that your job commences. Additional charges may be incurred by you, the customer, if incorrect information is supplied at the time of you receiving your quote (for example, if extra items are added to your moving list, you incorrectly inform us of stairs or provide us with inadequate information regarding parking).

1.1 Our quotation may change if the customer then changes the service requested, therefore a new quotation will be provided, in an email, where possible.

1.2 Where possible, an appointee of RUBBISHEXPERTS will carry out a survey to provide you with a quotation.

1.3 All quotes given to the customer by RUBBISHEXPERTS are valid for 7 days from the date the quote was sent.

1.4 All RUBBISHEXPERTS quotations are negotiable but RUBBISHEXPERTS has the final say as to the quote provided to the customer.

1.5 Your quotation does not include the following:- Any requests to collect or deliver any personal belongings at an additional location not previously stated at the time of making your booking, any parking penalty charges or parking fees incurred during your loading or any delays or events outside of our control which increases the cost or resources used to complete the work.

2. COMMUNICATION– Due to training, monitoring and legal disputes, some phone calls maybe recorded. By signing these terms and conditions you agree to have your calls recorded and used for training, monitoring and any disputes, if needed.

2.1 We will communicate with you, our customer, via telephone, e-mail, and occasionally by text messaging. Please provide us with a correct and up to date contact number and email address. If you do not want to be contacted by any of the means mentioned above please inform us.

3. ADDITIONAL WORK– Unless stated, your quote does not include the dismantling or reassembling of furniture, moving furniture from one place to another, or the uninstalling of any electrical appliances. If you would like our team to carry out these additional tasks, then you must make this clear upon the time of requesting a quotation. There may be an additional charge for this service. (Please note we are not qualified to uninstall electrical appliances and therefore we will not be held liable for any problems that occur with electrical appliances we have helped disconnect.)

3.1 If, on the day of your service, it is requested that we carry out any dismantling or reassembling then a charge may apply and this will be payable to the driver before the task commences.

3.2 If there are any additional items of furniture or belongings, to be collected and removed, that were not accounted for at the time of the survey or stated on your booking form, RUBBISHEXPERTS reserve the right to add a charge to the amount to be paid. As these items would not have been included in your original quoted amount.

4. PAYMENTS– If you are paying the quoted amount by cash, this must be made on the day of your service (before the job commences). Please ensure you have the cash ready and available to be handed to the team before your belongings are loaded onto the vehicle. This must be made to the driver. All requested receipts are emailed to you; this may take up to three working days after your job has been completed.

4.1 You can also make a bank transfer; this must be carried out on the same day as the job takes place.

4.2 If payment has not been received by the end of the working day, if payments from the customer do not reach RUBBISHEXPERTS on the date requested, then a delay charge of 4% of the payment per each day of delay will be applied to the customer.

4.3 CANCELLATIONS: If you have booked, confirmed and are expecting the service for a particular day, and have agreed to the provided quote and would like to cancel the service the same day it is supposed to take place, RUBBISHEXPERTS will charge a Cancellation Fee amounting of up to 20% of the provided quote!


5.1 Pay for any parking or meter suspension charges incurred by Us in carrying out the work;

5.2 Be present or represented throughout the collection of the removal;

5.3 Take all reasonable steps to ensure that nothing that should be removed is left behind and nothing is taken away in error;

5.4 Empty, properly defrost and clean refrigerators and deep freezers as we are not responsible for the contents;

5.5 Provide us with a correct and up-to-date contact address and telephone number on the lead up and during removal service.

5.6 Treat all RUBBISHEXPERTS staff with respect. Abuse, any foul language or aggression towards our team members will not be tolerated. If our employees feel they are spoken to out of term or are being treated with disrespect in anyway whilst carrying out your service we reserve the right to give them permission to leave.

6. DRIVEWAYS – If you are in any way concerned that your driveway is unable to take the weight of our vehicles please advise us accordingly, particularly about drain covers under gravel driveways. When you give permission for us to drive onto your driveway, it is on the understanding that this is at your own risk. Failure to advise or notify us of any potential weaknesses will absolve us from any claims for compensation resulting from damage to said driveway.

7. HEALTH AND SAFETY – The Health and Safety of our Teams and Customers is of paramount importance to us at RUBBISHEXPERTS. If at any point before or during your move we feel the Health and Safety of our teams or our Customers are at risk we will stop all work on your removal until the relevant checks have been carried out and we feel it is safe to continue.

8. SAFETY – Upon RUBBISHEXPERTS carrying out your job, it is a requirement that all children, pets and any other distractions are not present during the time of us carrying out your job. This will assist in the prevention to any possible accidents or injuries occurring. We request that anyone under the age of 16 is not present during the time of us carrying out your items. If you have young children or teenagers, you may feel that they will be of great help in helping you to move, but in our experience this is not the case and are often a distraction and can increase the time it usually takes to complete our work. Therefore we would suggest that they are cared for by friends or family during the removal process. Any dogs or cats must also not be present during the times you are using our service, please make alternative arrangements for them to be looked after elsewhere.

9. HAZARDOUS GOODS – RUBBISHEXPERTS have the right to refuse any material or belongings that we feel may be hazardous, dangerous or unsuitable to be transported by our teams. If you feel you may have items that fall into these categories, please talk with us prior to your moving date for advice. Our license does not permit us to carry industrial chemicals or dangerous flammables. This includes:- full or empty gas bottles, containers or canisters, petrol, high volumes of white sprit or any oil.

10. COMPLAINTS – If at any stage you are not entirely satisfied with our service, all complaints should be made via email. Your complaint will be looked into and any necessary changes in our operations will be reviewed and subsequently implemented.

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By booking and confirming your job with RUBBISHEXPERTS you are agreeing to these Terms & Conditions.